Floor F**kery Classes & Workshops

What is Floor Fxxkery, well the term is pretty self-explanatory, however you best to give it a whirl?

Your 1 1/2 hour Floor Fxxkery Workshop is based entirely on the floor, so be prepared to spend your 1 and half hours on the floor, becoming very dirty with the floor. You will learn different types of rolls, and transitions to move around the floor in a sexy, sometimes lewd and suggestive manner, that will build into a pre choregraphed routine. You don't need to have any Pole Skills to attend these workshops however we suggest bring /purchasing some pole heels & some knee pads.

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This style of workshop, will encourage you to let go of your fears, your inhibitions & become a sex goddess that you know is hiding under the stresses of juggling your career, work, studying &/or children, or you will have loads of fun trying it out.

Starting with a floor warm-up to help you loosen up your muscles and few exercises that will help you loosen up your mind that will help you relax into your transformation from housewife into a sex goddess.

We will then progress into learning some of the rolls and transitions that make up the floor fxxkery routine & learning to be comfortable with these movements, before putting all you have learnt with music.

The Floor Fxxkery workshop is one that will leave you wanting more & you will never be able to look at the studio floor in quite the same way again.

All mPole's Workshops Include

Warm Up & Cool Down
Each of our workshops include a themed warm up & cool down to ensure you get the most out of your time here at the studio
Move Break Down
We will carefully break each move/step of the elements you will require & spend time to master it, so it comes more naturally to you
Routine & Cheat Sheet
You will learn a routine or combination to practice the moves/steps learnt, along with video or printed out of steps for later on
Snacks & Refreshments
Snacks & Refreshments are provided, keeping you fueled & hydrated through out your 90 minute workshop, these are key to helpping you to relax.