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We are the Hunter Valley's most beautiful pole dancing studios, boasting soft lighting, stunning wall to wall mirrors, a feminine colour scheme & stars everywhere. Our studios feature the very unique Self-standing pole's known as mPole, designed by mPole and built here in the hunter valley.

Our unique class structure is perfect for every fitness level, from beginners who have never Pole Danced before to advanced students looking to expand their training options. mPole welcomes all women with open arms & no matter where your fitness level is, your invited to learn pole dancing, build strength, increase your flexibility but most importantly become part of our ever growing Pole Family. So if you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a sport as beautiful and fun as pole dancing come along for a taste at mPole’s Pole Dancing Studio

mPole has an extensive range of Pole Dancing & Pole Fitness Classes & Stretch classes running in their brand new purpose built location at Maitland, and we open up outside class times for additional private bookings whether they be Private or Semi Private Pole Dancing Lessons or Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing or Burlesque Party’s for Birthday Parties, Hen’s or Doe Parties, Girls Nights In or Out . With daytime, afternoon & evening Pole lesson times available for every level of Pole Dancer & every budget you are bound to find yourself at home amongst all the beautiful ladies who call mPole home.

mPole’s Studio location is Unit 5/22 Johnson Street, Maitland

mPole's Class Structure focuses on

  • Cardio

    Cardio, yes we know – not everyone loves cardio... mPole cleverly disguises cardio elements into each class structure in the form of dance.Your Dancers Warm Up & Class Routines

  • Strength

    A key element to Pole Dancing. You won’t even know your building strength, your Pole Dancing Moves just get progressive harder and one day your upside down – hanging by some leg

  • Flexibility

    Again you will progressive build this by just doing classes. But also have dedicated part of each class, as well as cool down to flex focused + Stretch Classes dedicated to flexibility

  • Great Fitness

    Cardio + Strength + Flexibility = Great Well Balanced Fitness These are the very well-known facts about doing regular pole dancing classes + only you can discover the how fun it is at mPole Studios

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Regular Pole Dancing Classes will make your body & soul strong!

Not convinced that Pole Dancing Classes can help you build muscle & increase your flexiablity! Be sure to get along to any of mPole’s Pole Lessons & find out first-hand what Pole Class are like in this very unique Pole Space

Pole Dance with mPole

mPoles unique class structure is specifically designed to help women take as much from their time with us as possible. Whether you are looking for a social environment to get to know some new people and have fun, or youre wanting to train a little harder to improve your strength and flexibility, mPole can help you reach your full potential.

mPoles instructors draw on over a decade of training and pole dance knowledge to help all students build confidence and strength both on and off the pole. We facilitate a caring, friendly, supportive environment for women to grow and develop friendships, thriving off the sport we love so much.

The main studio boasts soft lighting and beautiful wall-to-wall mirrors to help you perfect your technique and test your limits. With one of our friendly instructors by your side you will learn the art of pole dance in many styles, and with the correct training and techniques to ensure you execute every move safely and beautifully. mPole also prides itself on providing, not only wonderful pole dance classes but all the extra classes you need to support your pole training, including flexibility, recovery, move focused, and choreography focused classes.

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