Pole Dancing Classes

Pole - Intro Classes are the most prefect way to get a taste of what regular pole dancing lessons with us would be like. These small 30minute classes are designed to give you a strong foundation of Pole Dancing & start building your strength & endurance to take on a longer 60minute class with our beginners. These Pole - Intro Classes are keeped small in number, so your able to receive our fullest attention to ensure your mastering these new Pole Moves, and getting the very best start in your Pole Dancing Journey
  • Learn Pole Dancing

    Nothing like spending so time with your friends spinning around a pole. Learn the correct techniques for all the foundation moves of Pole Dancing. You will be learning moves like Kate Moss, Tara & start strength building for going upside down

  • Small Classes

    No getting lost in the crowd, with mPole's capped Pole - Intro Classes with only a possible 4 other students per class, your will find your able to get the most from the instructor & your time within these quick paced classes, but have time to ask questions

  • Quick & Easy

    mPole's Pole - Intro Classes are capped to a total of 30 minutes & we recommend doing just 4 of these classes, before you graduate to a Pole - Beginners Class, where you will start learning more complex moves & routines. Schedule them once a week or all together