Casual Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole Dancing Costs!

mPole’s Pricing structure is straight forward & flexible! Each of our single or multiple sessions (punch card) purchases are valid for 12 months. You are welcome to jump into a class today, tomorrow & the next day or you can do a class today & another in a couple of months’ time. You’re are to pick classes that best suit your best schedule without being locked into a Class or Term that might suit today & not next week. All controlled by you in your personal admin area.

    Pole Introduction or Unsupervised Practice
    1 x Sessions - $10
    4 x Sessions - $30
      Dance Studio Classes (Stretch, Burlesque, etc.)
      1 x Sessions - $15
      10 x Sessions - $100
      Pole Studio Classes (Pole, Ribbons, etc.)
    1 x Session - $30
    10 x Sessions - $250
We also have membership options that start from $30/week, be sure to check them out if your looking at doing more than one class a week.



    Click one of the above payment options & your will get transferred to our secure MINDBODY software & booking system, than your just follow the prompts to make payment & than once you make payment – go to the timetable & join the class you want to attend.


    Decide which class you would like to attend from our extensive timetable . Than email us( the class name, day, time & date you wish to start. Along with your name & phone number. Payment can then fixed up in class via CASH or EFTPOS.


    Decide which class you would like to attend from our extensive timetable. Than call us 1300 2 MPOLE (67653) or 0411 351 905 & one of our lovely office ladies will book you into your desired class. They will take your name & phone