Exotic Pole Dancing Courses

4 Week Mini Courses

mPole's 4 Mini Term Exotic Courses are perfect for those who are looking at learning a sexy Pole dancing routine as a form of fitness &/or education. We have a new Course starting every month, so if you have just missed this one, please take a look at next months.

You will spend the 4 x 1-hour classes learning & running through a pre-choreographed Pole Dancing Routine, that will have you working up a sweat & building your cardio fitness up. We have amped up the sex appeal for these Mini-Courses, making them super hot and only suitable for 18+ clients.

Mini-Courses are just $60 for all four classes, however, please be sure you can attend all four classes that month as, no make-ups or transfers will be available, due to the nature of these outlines.