Strip Tease / Lap Dancing Courses & Workshops

Let's explore fun, sexy, teasing ways of removing your clothes. Scary! Yes! But oh! so much FUN. Believe us you will never be so, entertained, learning to do something you do every day "take your clothes off" but in a sexy, teasing way.

Upcoming 4 Week Courses


Ran over 4 x hour lessons, you will learn a complete striptease and lap dance. These courses are designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to perform a very successful, sexy, steamy striptease. You will be getting a whole performance, from the song, outfit (purchase separately) to moves we have you covered.

We have included a warm-up/conditioning section as part of these classes to help you shape up & condition yourself for your performance for that special someone. But more importantly, it help you feel like the sex siren that we know you are.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is an easy class; taking your clothes off with grace is more complicated than the professionals make it look. It will take hours and hours of practice. We hope you have someone watching on, your know... spicy love life and all.

Your instructor Leeanne Taylor has been Pole Dancing for over 18 years and has been a Floorplay finalist three years in a row, so she knows a thing or two about trilling an audience without a pole. Leeanne took out the titles "Best Prop" and "Most Creative" in Floorplay Online Competitions last year Lockdown Edition and Wet & Wild, respectively. She lives for the opportunities to get dressed up but enjoys taking it off even more.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Introductions, Conditioning Warm up, Breakdown on tricky moves/combos, learn approx 1min of chorey, stretch out/cool down
Week 2
Conditioning Warm up, run through last weeks routine & continue to learn routine, stretch out/cool down
Week 3
Conditioning Warm Up, run through routine to date & continue to learn routine, stretch out/cool down
Week 4
Conditioning Warm Up, run through routine to date & finish routine, stretch out/cool down

Upcoming Workshops


Worried about getting naked in front of your classmates, don't be, we will stay entirely clothed in your 1 1/2 hour workshop, we will leave you to try a full striptease at home, maybe even for that someone special as a pleasant little surprise or gift.

A week before your workshop, you will receive a little list of everyday items to bring along with you to your workshop as your strip off things. Meaning you will be learning AND practising with all your gear, which can go over your activewear, so you can be super prepared and packed for all the fun you will have in our weekend 1 1/2 hour workshop.

Having the courage to give this workshop a go is a big step in being confident and feeling sexy in your own body. Whether you do this workshop for you or as a step in the process of doing something very unique for that someone special as a surprise or gift is entirely up to you, but you will have fun and be amazed at how dancing like this will make you feel.

One of the best workshops you can do for some fun, sexy fitness, that has the added benefits of making you feel like the rockstar you deserve to feel like.

All mPole's Workshops Include

Warm Up & Cool Down
Each of our workshops include a themed warm up & cool down to ensure you get the most out of your time here at the studio
Move Break Down
We will carefully break each move/step of the elements you will require & spend time to master it, so it comes more naturally to you
Together you will build and learn a pre-choreographed routine or combination to practice the moves/steps learnt.
Cheat Sheet
Plus a Cheat Sheet, in the form of a video from class or pre-recorded video of instructor doing the routine so that you can refer back to it.