Floor Acro Classes & Workshops

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to balance your friend on your feet? Or what it would be like to be balancing on someone's feet and feel like your flying through the air. You may remember playing around with balance and similar acro movements as a kid. Be sure to book yourself into this fun, slightly sexy floor acro workshop.

By taking this Floor acro workshop, you will rediscover a child-like state. Finding fun & challenging new ways of exploring your bodies abilities and finding some new shapes & balance poses with your new or old friend.

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Come and enjoy this fun workshop that will have you challenging, what your mind on what it thinks you can do and have you in stitches laughing at all the failed shapes you achieve, not to mention all the marvelling you and your buddy will do at the skills you gain with great success.

We will explore a few vital acro skills with a friend you have brought along, or if you haven't someone keen to give this a try, we will have someone for you to have a play with. We will build on your new skills, making a routine with music for you and your friend to further develop in your own time.

Still not sure, what we will be covering, think acro yoga, team gymnastics, acrobatics, partner yoga & acro duo for some more inspiration. But we have included the utlimate challenge of building these moves into a routine for you to enjoy and perform.

All mPole's Workshops Include

Warm Up & Cool Down
Each of our workshops include a themed warm up & cool down to ensure you get the most out of your time here at the studio
Move Break Down
We will carefully break each move/step of the elements you will require & spend time to master it, so it comes more naturally to you
Routine & Cheat Sheet
You will learn a routine or combination to practice the moves/steps learnt, along with video or printed out of steps for later on
Snacks & Refreshments
Snacks & Refreshments are provided, keeping you fueled & hydrated through out your 90 minute workshop, these are key to helpping you to relax.